he told me a story of a time colder than now
a time of when happiness was all that happened
a time when jesus was born
but that is not how the story goes.

he told me a time
of his father drunk and secretive
of his mother worried sick
of his mind

he told me of his mind
his thoughts on actions committed
by those insane
those who suffer
of fathers drunk and secretive.

he told me of the way
he thought about it
he needed pills and
people to tell him
he was worth something
but he
should have already known
he was worth the world.

he told me of a time when
depression was his focus
his mind unsteady and
unstable and
array of what was realistic and
how he felt the slightest need to
leave this earth

i told him of a strong man
who means everything to
those people around him and
how he is loved by
jesus and us

i told him of a smart boy who
is not his father who
is not selfish and
has a big heart and a big mind
a big mind that doesn’t think those thoughts

a handsome young man
was no mistake
never a mistake because
God creates who
God creates and
you are meant to be
placed on this earth with
those who are not as good as you are
not as bright and all you are.

realize this.

know you are loved.
loved beyond the mountains. beyond the seas. beyond the world because
you are an image of God

a beautiful image painted with
blue colors

burn those thoughts – e.a


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