take it how you see it
fake your emotions so you can feel it
say a word and don’t mean it 
don’t break your walls unless it’s worth it
don’t change unless he sees it. 

don’t just change for someone.  
don’t break your walls
say what you mean. 
don’t fake emotions 
don’t read from the outside because you
don’t judge a book by its cover 
covers don’t matter 

pretty hair or pretty face. don’t give a crap about it. love someone for their soul. the way they look at you. the way they treat you and respect you. look at their heart. how big or small it is. how big of a liar they are or do they tell the truth. how they act. how they walk. talk. move. your frame is just a frame. crack the shell and look at what is inside. beauty can be seen or not. but until you don’t give a crap about their frame

the frame only matters to you

and you let the picture burn. – e.a


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