you need to understand the importance of the idea of wandering. we all have a desire to wander within us, but sometimes it is hard to find. other times our desire to wander is in a different shape or form, as wandering mentally and not physically. for me this desire to wander is strong. just to walk into a field and walk farther and farther does not scare my mind at all. but to others to even step foot in grass could cause an anxiety further than their mind can handle. for me that was true. the home was my safe place. i could never be hurt or fall ill if i was safe inside of my home. now the stage has flipped and the desire to stay at home is no more.

you need to let your mind wander also. wander far from reality because the imagination creates amazing things and you can go far with what your brain does. understand that if you are sidetracked, sometimes those sidetracks can get you where you want to be but also could cause you to lose what you worked hard for. things have ups and downs either way. you just have to find the right path to take.

the mind can cause harm to itself if it goes too far. far beyond the good it has. going father than this point can cause a person to turn sides. to become someone who acts out in violence or someone whos attitude becomes horrible. do not dare wander into the depths of the darkness of your mind. your light can turn black very quickly if you go there. so for my sake, do not wander into that darkness.

wander in the light. metaphorically [and literally] but, either way the outcome of your journey will be wonderful.

now go. – e.a




for those who seek words 

here will be words i have written for you to read. to love or to hate is your opinion, but i will continue to write on until i have nothing in me.

enjoy a piece of me – e.a