you are the waves
they knock me 
push me around like
specks of sand 
folding me inside out. 

they expect me to stand but i
fall with every blow 
up and down i go 

take me away 
out to sea i am 
lost in the dark colors 

the waves knock me 
push me around like 
a lifeless body 
floating on the surface. 
where am i going? – e.a


unseen art. 


you felt it
too hard to have
dealt with it

covered you in
white sheets like
unseen art
being ready to be

you were some
unseen art
covered in colors.

you were drowning in an
ocean of blue and black
unseen by the public
unseen by yourself
covered in white sheets.

you felt it
too hard to have
dealt with it

small doses of
unknown capsules
unknown to your
mind and

unseen art
covered in
unknown words
phrases unused

pain was just
too hard to have dealt with

paint your skin with the
drowning ocean
the blue and black and

covered in white sheets

you were unseen art.

– e.a

call me out 

call me out call me out of the darkness 
i will be there

call me out and 
i will show myself 

i am here in the dark of night 
hiding from what
haunts me 

hiding from what
haunts the

i need to save 

i am here 
call me out 
call me out and

i will show myself

– e.a


the time it takes to lose yourself is almost
the mind looks left and
suddenly right and
is astray from its
former vision
former vision cannot be
the infinite vision

lose yourself in 
your own mind in
your own thoughts in
sheets and leaves and 
the bright yellow sun
the bright white moon  
looks in your 
lost mind looking for your
lost soul but

being lost is okay as long as
you make your own way 
home to your self made

lose your mind and make your own home 
for home is where the
heart is but is it where the
mind is ?

home is where your 
mind makes it. 

just wait for it to be lost 
then the realization will come to 

mind and 
you will be home – e.a



like my
everything i do is a
blank space in

in the end all of these
everything i do does
not matter to
the world or
anyone else out there who
might think as i do.

in the end the
blank words stay
hidden from the world and
i sit here and
think why
do i matter if

my words are just blank spaces – e.a


take it how you see it
fake your emotions so you can feel it
say a word and don’t mean it 
don’t break your walls unless it’s worth it
don’t change unless he sees it. 

don’t just change for someone.  
don’t break your walls
say what you mean. 
don’t fake emotions 
don’t read from the outside because you
don’t judge a book by its cover 
covers don’t matter 

pretty hair or pretty face. don’t give a crap about it. love someone for their soul. the way they look at you. the way they treat you and respect you. look at their heart. how big or small it is. how big of a liar they are or do they tell the truth. how they act. how they walk. talk. move. your frame is just a frame. crack the shell and look at what is inside. beauty can be seen or not. but until you don’t give a crap about their frame

the frame only matters to you

and you let the picture burn. – e.a

unnamed vol. 1

child proof the kid
doesnt work

world proof the child 
doesnt work either

we are all not always innocent
innocence is lost 

so do not try to keep us
away from the world
the world finds us
and our minds become fire 

let us go
let us realize that
loss is a part of realizing what
life consists of how
everyone dies in the end
loss is life and
we all are lost. – e.a


he told me a story of a time colder than now
a time of when happiness was all that happened
a time when jesus was born
but that is not how the story goes.

he told me a time
of his father drunk and secretive
of his mother worried sick
of his mind

he told me of his mind
his thoughts on actions committed
by those insane
those who suffer
of fathers drunk and secretive.

he told me of the way
he thought about it
he needed pills and
people to tell him
he was worth something
but he
should have already known
he was worth the world.

he told me of a time when
depression was his focus
his mind unsteady and
unstable and
array of what was realistic and
how he felt the slightest need to
leave this earth

i told him of a strong man
who means everything to
those people around him and
how he is loved by
jesus and us

i told him of a smart boy who
is not his father who
is not selfish and
has a big heart and a big mind
a big mind that doesn’t think those thoughts

a handsome young man
was no mistake
never a mistake because
God creates who
God creates and
you are meant to be
placed on this earth with
those who are not as good as you are
not as bright and all you are.

realize this.

know you are loved.
loved beyond the mountains. beyond the seas. beyond the world because
you are an image of God

a beautiful image painted with
blue colors

burn those thoughts – e.a