for those who seek words 

here will be words i have written for you to read. to love or to hate is your opinion, but i will continue to write on until i have nothing in me.

enjoy a piece of me – e.a



i hear my breath
softly spoken loud
suddenly scared crooked like a
tree struck by lightning.

tense knots twisted
tied up
wound within wonders
stiff standing still

clench cleaned whites
top to bottom
caged pink taste
won’t let go
settle down cellars
release the men
they’ve done nothing
to be inside this pen
won’t let go

rounded points
bones sink in
tightly touching tough
squeezed palm
red reveals rather quickly
won’t let go
settle down bones

let long line of
lying on the floor
questions quiver in fear
it will be over soon – e.a

thoughts i have in a tub of water 2

i sit still
in a tub of water
not writing love stories this time
but the lines on the palms of my hands
retrace me
inside and out
nothing just right
but perfect somehow
rain drops fall from my eyes
heavy and glass
warm wet skin
blood shot lenses.

i sit still
in a tub of water
writing my shaking hands
and ends that aren’t discovered
a heartbeat on my temple
built only by God
i drown in an empty pool.

mind will do his trick
they are never really safe
from who they call the opposite
he will try to find them.

neck bent back
constellations seen close
conquer i will only
with you.


there is a moment
the playing of a d minor chord
on the piano with your left hand
we exist in knowing our souls
have known of each other
or will
but there is a moment
when i look out the window
i see your eyes
and feel your thoughts
as i am two

i know your face
and hear your voice
as i have heard your sound
and felt your heart
beating slow as you rest your head on my
speaking words deep like
the lyrics to your songs
but you sing not this time
you yell across the green
up into the grey
and upon the blue
waves crash
dark and soft
we exist in knowing our souls
have known each other
and they do

i used to defy gravity
floating to the surface
as if i was falling to the
but now
you defy gravity
and fall up to me

maybe we knew us all along
trying to find what fits
what seems somewhat right
in the universe we exist in
searching for you
in the blue green and grey
while playing d minor chords
on the piano with my left hand
not knowing
i walk up to you
in a local record store
with my music drowning out
pausing a song
asking where you found those records
in your rough small hands
and i look up to you
while you turn your head
“I’ve missed you”
– e.a

thoughts i have in a tub of water 1

i spend my days lying
in a tub of water
writing love stories
to the unloved.
sneaking hints and
notes unnoticed to
their quick reads.
look in-between where
lines aren’t invented
stop and squint colorful lenses.

i write love stories
to those unloved
in a tub of water
vulnerable and
sneaking snips of magic
inside their heads

notice me it says
wanting their attention
i’m always here
come find me.

– e.a


they shape us,
form us together in our scars. 

our wounds heal within each other
branch by
branch our
tree grows.

seasons pass and we fall
the cracks become wider the
scars will not heal. 
our wounds heal within each other

come back again spring,
let our roots grow deeper. 

you are within me
i am within the earth
growing up from the ground and
you grow down to me
we grow within each other. 

come back again love. 
i am waiting for you. – e.a


you are the waves
they knock me 
push me around like
specks of sand 
folding me inside out. 

they expect me to stand but i
fall with every blow 
up and down i go 

take me away 
out to sea i am 
lost in the dark colors 

the waves knock me 
push me around like 
a lifeless body 
floating on the surface. 
where am i going? – e.a

unseen art. 


you felt it
too hard to have
dealt with it

covered you in
white sheets like
unseen art
being ready to be

you were some
unseen art
covered in colors.

you were drowning in an
ocean of blue and black
unseen by the public
unseen by yourself
covered in white sheets.

you felt it
too hard to have
dealt with it

small doses of
unknown capsules
unknown to your
mind and

unseen art
covered in
unknown words
phrases unused

pain was just
too hard to have dealt with

paint your skin with the
drowning ocean
the blue and black and

covered in white sheets

you were unseen art.

– e.a

call me out 

call me out call me out of the darkness 
i will be there

call me out and 
i will show myself 

i am here in the dark of night 
hiding from what
haunts me 

hiding from what
haunts the

i need to save 

i am here 
call me out 
call me out and

i will show myself

– e.a


the time it takes to lose yourself is almost
the mind looks left and
suddenly right and
is astray from its
former vision
former vision cannot be
the infinite vision

lose yourself in 
your own mind in
your own thoughts in
sheets and leaves and 
the bright yellow sun
the bright white moon  
looks in your 
lost mind looking for your
lost soul but

being lost is okay as long as
you make your own way 
home to your self made

lose your mind and make your own home 
for home is where the
heart is but is it where the
mind is ?

home is where your 
mind makes it. 

just wait for it to be lost 
then the realization will come to 

mind and 
you will be home – e.a